Things will not be the same before and after your pregnancy and if you are a new mom, the food that you eat can affect your child. So you have to take proper foods so that your baby can grow healthy and without any deficiency of nutrition. Also you would have gained so weight when you are conceived and it is the time to lose your weight.

When you follow a strict regime of having healthy dishes, you can indubitably get nutritious food and also make your child to promote good physical as well as mental condition. There is a belief that having malay confinement food can help you to achieve the latter. In addition to that you have to follow some tips for healthy eating and they are listed down;

  • It is good to eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and dairy products daily; from this you will be able to gain more benefits.
  • During breastfeeding you will need to consume more liquids, so drink water, milk and other fruit juices.
  • Also you need to eat food items that are rich in protein and so cheese, yogurt, milk, meat and fish should be considered to consume more.
  • Taking a plateful of fruits and vegetables is a welcoming concept, as it is a good source of minerals and vitamins.

So, from this you can live healthy and also do not forget to add confinement foods in this list which can help in the brain development of your baby.