Private bay is a generally known as TPB is a biggest online digital media index in the world. In this torrent site they provides 10,000 new media files and software every day whereas the private bay websites allows the people to make free downloads, search for specific digital contents such as audio files, video files or software or applications or games for mobile or computer. On further most of the people make use of the private bay to download their favorite TV shows, series or movies or web series or even more.

On other hand users are allowed to share the downloaded files to other users if they are user of Bit Torrent protocol. Although the private bay sites are widely used by people in certain cases the private bay websites are blocked to use on many of ISP’s all around the world. But not all sites are blocked there are list of proxy sites maintained by proxy bay this allows the user to use any private bay from any country. Many people can think how come it is possible for people to get access to private bay through proxy sites when it is blocked to ISP’s? It may sounds right but in real facts the private bay sites are not blocked in all countries. There some countries left out unblocked for private bay on those countries networks the proxy sites are hosted.

 Pirate Bay Proxy

Why it is necessary to use proxy sites?

Most of the people would wish to download media files from internet but in most of the cases they get failed mainly because the site is blocked. So in that case people can make use of private proxy bay where the user can access to certain list of private bay and download their desired media files. Apart from this there are several benefits when people use private proxy bay which are listed below.

  • Whenever people needs to gets access on blocked sites using proxy sites remains to be an easiest way to bypass the site block.
  • Moreover the user can download unlimited downloads without having any charge.
  • The site does not end with limited proxy site lists rather people can find different sites on alternative list too.
  • The proxy sites remains user friendly so people can visit the site and download their desired files in easy way.

Apart from above benefits if people wish to create their own proxy site then people can make use of PHP script and instruction provided in the site. If people need to experience this they can visit to website and try using desired private bay site.