People today experience a good thing about having a cryptocurrency product in the market. This makes every money transaction simpler and faster. Digital payment today is normally by every individual across the border. As purchasing stuff online is a thing in this generation, people prefer to have this way for convenience. Bitcoin  or Btc is known as the money of the internet, it allows every user to pay and receives money online. Thus, there are some people who are using Bitcoin for Investment purposes or for their daily transaction. Either of these two both can be done successfully in bitcoin.

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Facts About Bitcoin Every User Should Know

  1. The Inventor of Bitcoin is a Mystery. It is a fact that the inventor or the creator of this Bitcoin is still unknown today. Thus there is so-called Bitcoin whitepaper that was created to open for the public under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto.
  2. A User can run Ethereum smart contracts on top of Bitcoin. Some of the more popular smart contracts in Bitcoin incorporate things time-locked transactions. However, Bitcoin’s design intentionally prevents more complicated, custom smart contracts for security purposes. The Rootstock project, which works as a merge-mined sidechain to Bitcoin, enables for Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, like ICOs, to be completed via Bitcoin.
  3. Bitcoin’s uptime is in the coveted “four nines” series. In other words, the network has been useful for 99.99% of the time since its production over 9 years ago. This relates remarkably well with conventional centralized settings, which are supposed to be doing well if they hit four nines in a single month. The downtime was due to the bug explained in point 8.
  4. There are hundreds of Bitcoin Core developers. Bitcoin Core is the central reference client for Bitcoin. Many other wallets survive but Core is the model for managing compatibility between them. According to the Bitcoin Core site, there are at least 366 skilled coders who’ve generously offered to the development of Core.
  5. The first documented Bitcoin transaction was a pizza buying. Back in 2010, 100,000 bitcoins were purchased for two Papa John’s pizzas, worth about $25. The Brit managed a transatlantic payment to the pizzeria, which gave the pizza to Laszlo. This early business is celebrated on the date it took place, the 22nd of May, by Bitcoiners around the world.
  6. Bitcoin’s Lightning Network can manage millions of transactions per second. Transaction throughput usually represented as transactions per second or TPS produces something of an upper boundary on the selection of a cryptocurrency. Whereas credit cards orders like VISA can prepare around 45,000 TPS, Bitcoin’s blockchain design defines it to double-digit TPS. While some altcoins perform significantly above TPS, this constantly comes at the cost of decentralization. Bitcoin works this problem through the Lightning Network; an arbitrary transaction course on top of the blockchain. LN holds the full protection and decentralized features of the blockchain while increasing TPS into the millions or even billions.