The performance of the game is measured in FPS or “Frame Per Second”. High FPS gives you smoothgameplay whereas a low FPS looks more like a slideshow. Therefore you should check your stats to know better about your gameplay. Here’s how you can check your FPS and can increase FPS in your favourite game. In general, you will need 30 FPS for smooth gameplay. But you get a different experience if you FPS is 60.

How to view FPS in a gameplay

Most games have integrated FPS counter but that is disabled by default. To view FPS using in-game option either you need to tap on the graphic setting of the game or on the advanced menu. If you still can not find it, then all you need to do is search on google the name of the game and the process of viewing FPS.

Take an example, to check FPS of a game, head to the menu. After that settings, video and then turn on the FPS.The option comes at the end of the screen. To have an overview of FPS, click on the options then videos. After than turn on the “Display performance stats”. To view FPS in Dota 2 you need to follow these steps. Navigate the dashboard, gear, option, video and then enable the “Display network information”.

You will see a small FPS meter somewhere below on the screen. Though it might vary from one game to another.

Increase your FPS while updating your drivers

  • It is important to have the latest graphicshardware or GPU. Graphics manufacturers come up with new versions every time that has a better platform to support great gameplay. Always keep your graphic driver updated to experience the best of it. Keep this in mind especially when you are playing something new for the first time.
  • Get the new updated versions from Intel, AMD and other such manufactures. This completely depends on the hardware version of your PC. These driver installers look for their tools to update it automatically.
  • If by any chance you don’t know what GPU you have in your computer. Windows 10 make it was for you. To know the name of your GPU goes to the Task Manager. Click the more details option. And they select the performance tab to get a view of the GPU.

These were some ways to increase and keep a check on your FPS for high-qualitygameplay.