The past year in movies was endlessly tumultuous. It was definitely the year that we all hoped for but had never expected that it would that be an awesome one.

If you are a movie enthusiast, movie goers, or someone who critics cinematography and such then you must know some of the great movies you shouldn’t miss out for. We are not just talking about Netflix and other streaming sites like  putlockers hd tv but we are talking about amazing movies that ruled our 2018!

Let’s check this out!

Top 3 Best of 2018 Movies

 In the course of recent months, a wide scope of outstanding contributions have shown that, regardless of the class, potential significance proliferates at both the multiplex and the craftsmanship house. It’s been a pressed year set apart by eminent dramatizations, comedies, spine chillers, and documentaries from set up auteurs and promising newcomers. Their works of streaming sites just like putlockers hd tv, the medium’s future is in amazing hands.

Here are the top 3 best pick for 2018!

  1. Cam

A different take on a horror film, and definitely one of the best! This film is similar to ‘unfriended’  however there’s different twist to this one. This type of immersion in the seemingly accurate, and the hyper graular details of the film makes the whole story even more scarier. I mean, just imagine meeting someone online and you find out something horror and shady about them, a doppleganger.

 Avengers: Infinity War

Marvels Cinematic Universe released this year’s another ‘awesomereffic’ movie which Marvels fan giggled and are so thrilled about. Basically, it is a series you have to watch for before watching for the next film next year. The Avengers in this movie are now had grown bigger in numbers, say we are with the Black Panther and the whole Wakanda with them, the Guardians of the Galaxy are also with them, and Doctor Strange. Imagine the kind of power and strength this super villains are going to collaboratively do to save the world from Thanos. Well, this is something that you really can not afford to miss!

movie2k movies

  1. A Star is Born

We all know Lady Gaga and her exquisite songs and song videos. But not in this movie! She was quite reformed and somehow changed. Plus if you are a fan of musical movies then this film is right for you. This movie is of cometing voices: one is on end of the spectrum, cowboy-rock. And the other one is a girl harboring dreams of pop stardom. One of the few reasons why people had loved this movie is that they have the most amazing songs featured in this movie, plus no one is denying the chemistry that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shared in the film. When you see them sitting in a piano or a guitar at hand, you just can’t help but fall in love! Well, 2018 is definitely the year to love them both!

Aside from that, A Start is Born is also a claustrophobic movie about fame. Cooper makes you believe in the fantasy of a black SUV providing a portal to another life of jam-packed festival stages, booze-soaked backstage parties, and tightly choreographed SNL performances. The second half doesn’t exactly burn out — the lead performers are too locked in — but the flame flickers as the story hits the requisite notes dictated by the past. Even with these new voices, the song remains the same.

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