There are a lot of different kinds of wallets accessible, thus selecting ‘the best’ for generally depends upon what your requirements are.

Desktop wallets

The desktop bitcoin wallet is the perfect ideal system of the storage for trader. The wallets allow user to access the Bitcoin directly from desktop of the computer. Most of the computing systems –like Microsoft’s Windows, Apple’s macOS and Linux allow the Bitcoin wallets to actually run on desktop.

Benefits of the desktop wallets:

  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tokens are very easily available
  • It’s appealing for the traders to use due to ease of access of tokens.

Mobile wallets

Whereas desktops wallets can be found on the computer’s desktop, mobile wallet can be found on mobile phone. Android, Window’s and Apple’s iPhones devices offer the Bitcoin wallet that can be very handy. It is most convenient for the users who would like to use the cryptocurrencies when they go out, and if they are looking to trade in case they aren’t behind the computer.


Benefits of the mobile wallets:

  • It’s convenient to have the cryptocurrencies accessible at all times
  • They are available as you may take them on your phone
  • They provide QR-code scanning & NFC or near field communications
  • They provide quick payments & transactions

Hardware wallets

The hardware bitcoin wallets are the devices that are made with an only purpose of holding the user’s public & private keys. Generally, these wallets have got online & offline version.

Benefits of the hardware wallets:

  • Private keys can avoid vulnerable program through hardware systems
  • Private keys are generally safely stored & can’t get transferred out of wallet in the plaintext