It is normal for a person to forget little things such as forgetting his car keys at home, forgetting to shop for an article, forgetting the birthdays of his loved ones etc. The human brain works continuously (even when we are sleeping), so it is acceptable to forget little things that one do not give much priority to in his daily activities.

What if people forget the route to his own house? What if he forgets the faces of the people he has been living with for decades? What if he even forgets his own name?

One might think that these scenarios are impossible to happen, how can a person possibly forget his own name! but these scenarios do happen in the lives of patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, a disease which has no cure and can only be slowed in progression by medications such as cbd oil alzheimer’s.


What is Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia (a disease which degrades the neurons of the brain over time) in which the memory of a person as well as his cognitive functions slowly begin to fade away. A person at the final stage of dementia cannot even perform basic tasks such as brushing his teeth and thus requires assistance all the times.

CBD oil and Alzheimer’s

Unfortunately, no cure has been developed for Alzheimer’s yet but here are several medications available to reduce the progression of this disease. CBD oil is one such medication.

Cannabidiol or CBDis a chemical extracted from the marijuana plant, scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa. The property of CBD oils that help in Alzheimer’s are –

  • It acts as an antioxidant – Alzheimer’s disease releases a large amount of reactive oxygen in the body. This results in the rapid production of free radicles in the body which in turn reacts with the proteins and fat 

    ty acids present in the neurons, rapidly oxidizing them. Thus the neurons basically ‘starve to death’. Cbd oil alzheimers enhances the production of antioxidants in our body which suppress the large scale production of oxygen as a result of which rapid progression of Alzheimer’s is reduced.

  • Anti-inflammatory property – When the neurons are suffering high oxidation, they usually react by thickening their cell membrane to reduce the entry of free radicles. This can induce chronic and severe headaches. CBD oil reduce the formation of free radicles and thus reduce the swelling of neurons as a result of which the headaches are reduced.

Alzheimer’s is ‘painful’ to live with, for both the patient and his family but medications such as cbd oil alzheimer’s reduce this pain to a great extent after all this is the only option available.